I'm a parent, just like you!

I am one of you, and that is why I know how challenging parenting situations are. I've helped thousands of families keep their households from exploding under the weight of sleep deprivation. And through these families, I have developed my own know-how that I try to pass on to as many of you as possible. Because all of you reading these lines are wonderful parents. Just because you're here! And it is with the utmost joy that I will help you regain your confidence and know how to listen to your parental instinct.

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In the field of babie's sleep, care and wellbeing, the study never ends. And I am glad to have found my calling, where I can use science-based information as well as practical experience on a daily basis. Even if my work helps one family, it has tremendous meaning and depth for me that I will be eager to study for the rest of my life!

- 2023 The Liberating Motherhood Experience - Dr. Sophie Brock
- 2023 Happy Healthy Parents Course - Hope Corbin
- 2023 Basis skills in perinatal mental health - COPE Mental Health
- 2023 Sleep Science and Stress Management Coach - Spencer Institut
- 2023 Sleep: Neurobiology, Medicine and Society - University of Michigen - probíhá
- 2023 Seasons of Matrescence - Nikki McCahon
- 2023 The MotherWell Summit
- 2023 The Parental Brain Summit
- 2022 Wholechild Breastfeeding Online Program - IBCLC Hayley Bennison
- 2022 The Parental Brain for Proffesionals - Rocio Zunini, PhD.
- 2022 Raised Good Summit
- 2022 Infant and Family Sleep Professional - Bebo Mia INC.
- 2022 MG Coaching webinář o výživě, pitném režimu a stravovacích chybách
- 2022 The Highly Sensitive Child Summit pořádaný Amandou Evans
- 2022 MG Coaching webinář o výživě, ženství a vztahu k jídlu
- 2021 Baby-Led Sleep & Well-being Specialist na kanadském institutu Isla-Grace
- 2021 Possums & Co. - neuroprotektivní vývojová péče
- 2021 The Holistic Sleep Revolution anglického institutu Holistic Sleep Coaching
- 2021 Potty Training Consultant Certification na Institut of Pediatric Sleep
- 2016 Informační studia a knihovnictví - Bc.
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